1. New Blog

    Please check out my new blog, where I will be posting from now on, at Rose Davidson Art !


  2. Art-student problem #1

    "Why dont you just paint a pretty landscape?"

  3. photography by me.

  4. louise bourgeois - seven in a bed

  7. maurizio anzeri

  8. maurizio anzeri

  9. maurizio anzeri

  10. meow.

  11. fucking incredible.

  12. Ruben Marroquin


  13. Right Now

    I’m really interested in artists that work with wool, yarns, embroidery and sewing.

    I love louise bourgois sewn work, as well as tracy emins tapastries - but now im on the hunt for what currents artists are using/or soley working in this medium

  14. Ruben Marroquin - bamboo and yarn stretched over canvas.

    This is so beautiful. you can tell he trained as a painter primerily

  15. Emily Barletta - wool and clay.

    This reminds me of Louise Bourgois sculptures